About Us

Barrett & Benitez Development is a real estate development company that embraces equitable built spaces in urban communities. Our mission as a development company is empowering people to build and grow beyond their expectations .

We respect existing neighborhoods by taking greater care with transition points between commercial and residential properties as well as between existing and new structures.

Photo Credit: Mike Shriver of Buffalo Photo Blog

B&B is forming an imprint into the real estate development industry that offers empowerment instead of displacement . We want to be the leading community developer. With our extensive involvement in community organizations and tight relationship with residents of the East Side ; we believe we hold a key driver amongst other high level developers.

Meet The Team

A friendship over 20 years, beginning as Higher Education Opportunity Program college students at Daemen College, Brandi and Jackeysi shared core values of empowerment of self, advocacy, and handling life’s adversities with grit and grace.

Brandi Barrett

Founder and Co-owner

Brandi holds a B.A in English-Communications, Specializing in Public Relations, from Daemen College and has over ten years of experience in Small Business Banking which led to a seamless transition in her current role as a Commercial District Program Manager, at Broadway Fillmore NHS. She is also a graduate of East Side Avenues, Credit Based Real Estate Training Program, which has given the project the access and platform to come to fruition.

Brandi has witnessed and experienced disinvestment and understands the needs of the community. By outlining essential development projects using an asset-based approach, grounded in gratitude practices that the community knows exactly what it needs in these vacant spaces throughout the Eastside; Barrett & Benitez Development and Loads of Love are a direct response to providing the community with the resources they need within the neighborhood and strengthening community cohesion and connection.

Jackeysi Benitez

Founder and Co-owner

Jackeysi Benitez’s participation in Barrett and Benitez development stems from her youth being raised in the South Bronx as a first generation immigrant from the Dominican Republic. Her grime environment and the lack of essential resources created a desire to be an agent of change. As a licensed Social Worker focused in urban youth development  in communities that struggle with social and economic challenges, Jackeysi provides academic resources and services to aid students to reach their academic and personal goals. 

Although youth work is dear to her heart, equally important is empowering communities via development projects that will enhance quality of life. Lack of essential resources for any group of people creates challenges which hinder progress. Whether in the East side of Buffalo or in the South Bronx, communities require resources for human sustainability. As a partner in Barrett and Benitez, our life experiences have led us to create a company that will focus on the community, their needs and will ensure the necessary resources like laundromats are established in order for the residents to thrive.