Opportunities With Us


Community Engagement Consulting & Execution

- One on one consultation (min 60 mins)
- Community Outreach, can include facilitating public meetings, town halls, special events, and letters of support
- Create marketing materials for public meeting

Real Estate Development Consulting

- Project Initiation
- Identify risk and opportunities through assessments and analytical reporting for potential project sites
- Implementation and assist in developing operational best practices for the project

Prepping For Financial Readiness

- Help prepare clients for personal and business loans, including SBA, construction, refinance mortgages, etc.
- Monitor credit compliance and readiness with the lender during loan origination and closing.
- Review and prepare credit worthiness with clients based on personal or business assets.

Project Management

- Create clear and attainable goals for the project or tasks
- Observe and report project progress, opportunities, and failures
- Plan, manage, and execute the start and completion of a project.

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